This free-rinsing cleaner/degreaser is designed for heavy buildups of oil, grease and the toughest soils. It easily emulsifies oil and grease and holds them in suspension to prevent re-soiling. Starburst is excellent for use in autoscrubbers as well as with pressure washers, mop buckets and spray bottles on all washable surfaces. Dilution: light general cleaning and degreasing 2 ounces of Starburst to 1 gallon of water (1:64), heavy buildups and for use with autoscrubbers and pressure washers 3-4 ounces of Starburst to 1 gallon of water (1:43-1:32).Product #: 0-STB011 Gallon

Starburst Cleaner Degreaser

SKU: 0-STB01

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